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Evolution of Jeremy’s Kitchen

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22 Mar

Evolution of Jeremy’s Kitchen


In the late 1970’s Jeremy Wright sailed through the BVI. It was then he decided that, one day, he wanted to live there. So, in 1981, he engineered a transfer from Hoods’ UK sail loft in Lymington to Tortola. His new boss Bill Bullimore found him a place to stay in the Waterfront Apartments in Road Town. During his spare time Jeremy used to get on his motorbike and head east to ‘hang out’ in Trellis Bay with David Ross, a Canadian windsurfer who owned Boardsailing BVI (formerly Freedom Ltd).


In 1983 Ross sold the company to John Phillips and a year later Jeremy moved to Trellis full-time to work for him teaching windsurfing. Then in 1988, with his father’s help, he bought the company. Jeremy was now part of the ‘Trellis Bay family’ along with Tony and Jackie Snell who ran the famous Last Resort, Chris and Mary Anne at The Beef Island Guest House, The Conch Shell Point restaurant and Annouk the jeweller whose shop was where The Local Arts Centre is today.

BBVI old front crop

Jeremy recruited Ben Bamford from Cornwall to work in the board shaping workshop (where the current Bar is located) and established a satellite windsurf centre at Nanny Cay near Mulligans. Throughout this time he was visited on numerous occasions by his family who he introduced to the wonders of the BVI. His mother Virginia made some beautiful pottery items on her visits, some of which are still on display. His father Brian has sailed throughout the islands and stayed in Jan Dart’s Little Mountain villa on several occasions. Jeremy also organised an action packed BVI honeymoon for his brother Peter. Other family members who stayed with Jeremy in Trellis Bay are his sister Rowena (a marine artist www.rowenawright.com ), his sister Kate’s son James and cousin Robert Portal.

It is worth noting Jeremy’s passion for sailing – he was chief sail trimmer on John Wigg’s Nanny Cay based yacht Quetzal which used to win her class in Antigua Race week when he was aboard. Jeremy also supported local windsurfer Finian Maynard who went on to become a windsurf champion and set world speed records.



When the beachfront cottages were renovated by the Beef Island Estate, Jeremy set up the Cyber Cafe with a suite of iMacs to give visiting charter yachts a land base to check their emails.

cyber sign

From this the Trellis Kitchen was born, offering food and drinks to visitors. Due to the proximity of the airport, the Trellis Kitchen became the “unofficial departure lounge” where travellers could snatch an extra hour on the beach once they had checked their bags in. Jeremy invented the Famous Awesome Sandwich (which continues today) and it has been known for the rich and famous to order Awesome Sandwiches ‘to go’ to take on board their private jets. The water sports operation scaled back on lessons and offered specialist windsurfing equipment, kayaks and paddle board (SUP) rentals.


At this time, Jeremy and his neighbour Aragorn decided that there should be a family-friendly full moon party. The Trellis Kitchen created a Caribbean buffet with several bars on the beach and Aragorn made fire sculptures to light the night sky. This put Trellis Bay firmly on the map and the Full Moon Party continues today. Many of the charter boat companies adjust their cruising itinerary to include a stop in Trellis Bay for each full moon.


After Jeremy’s untimely passing in 2014 his family decided to continue his vision. Jeremy’s Kitchen was set up by his brother Alexander with the help of Sayula Everard, a close friend of Jeremy’s who had arrived in the BVI as crew on Catariba, a huge windsurfing safari catamaran which Jeremy had conceived and helped design. Many of the original kitchen team remain led by Sylvia Binns.

We welcome old friends and first timers who will hopefully become new friends.

Many people have helped with the creation of Jeremy’s Kitchen. Jeremy’s family and Sayula would like to thank Dr Orlando Smith, Raymond Hung, Smiths Gore BVI, Gilly and Laci, Tom, John Wigg, Jonathan and Philip, Laurence and Lucy, plus advice, time and help from Alastair, Neil, Davide, Robert C, Colin, John, Geli, Fin, Sam, Kel, Dawson and Holly. We also appreciate the groundswell of local support for this venture  – Thank you.


  • Steve Williams
    27th May 2016, 3:22 pm

    Great story!

  • szkolenia uk
    28th August 2016, 11:09 pm

    This is a great post!

  • Rob Auty
    18th December 2016, 3:05 pm

    So sad to hear Jeremy has passed away! I was lucky enough to try his Awsome sandwich in 2008 and 2009 when I competed in The Hiho. It was great talking to Jeremy! He had so many amazing stories to tell!
    Will be back again soon!

  • Andy
    13th January 2017, 1:49 pm

    Wow ! Cool story
    Will have to make the next full moon party for sure looks awesome !
    Thanks for the quick and delicious breakfast sandwiches before heading home.

  • Peter Caldwell
    2nd February 2017, 2:54 am

    Really sorry to hear about Jeremy leaving us. I used to windsurf with him in the early eighties in the UK and visited him a couple of times on Beef Island. The last time was in the late nineties with my family. It was a holiday rememberd by all of us because after checking in our bags we went to see Jeremy at the beach and as we all know he could talk and tell great stories, needless to say we missed our flight. I have flown a great deal in my life but that was the only flight I have ever missed. What a great guy.

  • Roger Francis
    31st May 2017, 9:40 pm

    Had the distinct pleasure of meeting Jeremy in the 80s. As one of two prairie boys from Saskatchewan, Canada, we hung out at Trellis, surfed the gap between Trellis and Low Bay, cross channel raced to Norman and back, and did a wind surf free style competition at Nanny Cay – all under Jeremy’s watchful, supportive, fun demeanour.

    And yes, had the sandwich – best in my life. Remember helping him sell some “Relax” tee-shirts a la Frankie Goes to Hollywood fame to hangers on while listening to Holst “The Planets, Op 32” full blast.

    Glad to hear and read about the legacy.

  • David ross
    11th July 2017, 4:59 am

    Best of fortunes continuing Jeremy s dream. He liked independence and was a good friend. He had enthusiasm. I spent some time with him on the beach there, he enjoyed being in trellis. I guess we all did and do. Best of the best to all. Someday you will see me there again.

  • Charlie Patterson
    8th September 2017, 12:34 pm

    Good to see some old friends on here and very sad to hear of Jeremy’s passing. Thinking of you all right now.

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