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Breakfast Menu

7.30am to 12.30pm

7.30am to 1.30pm Sunday


  Fabulous French toast $7.75

  Toast and jam or marmalade $3.95


  Plain $7.75

  Blueberry or banana $8.75

Eggs Benedict with bacon or ham $10.75

Eggs Benedict with mushrooms $10.25


  2 eggs - any style $3.50

  Bacon or sausage or ham $3.50

  Home fries $5.75


The JK Special $13.75

  An open faced sandwich with egg, cheese, mushrooms, bacon, baked beans and tomato


Full Monty $15.75

  Sausage, egg, cheese, mushrooms, bacon, baked beans and tomato 


Breakfast Sandwich $12.50

  Egg, bacon, cheese, lettuce & tomato between our 7 grain bread


Trellis Bay Omelette $12.75

  Your choice of cheese, ham, onions, peppers, tomatoes served with toast


The Veggie Special $10.25

  Fried mushrooms, onions, peppers and tomatoes on our 7 grain bread served with home fries.


Croque Madame $10.25

  7 grain bread, toasted with grilled gruyere cheese, grilled cheese, grilled ham and a fried egg.


Croque Monsieur $9.75

  7 grain bread, toasted with grilled gruyere cheese, grilled ham.


All Day Menu

Jeremy’s Awesome Sandwich
  7 Grain Bread w/grilled cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, grilled onions & peppers and mango kuchela. 

  Veggie, chicken or ham $12.75

  Mahi mahi $14.75

  Lobster (market price when available)


  Caesar Salad $9.25  add chicken $6 

  Chef Salad $9.25  add mahi mahi $8

Chicken Wings

  6 wings served plain or BBQ with blue cheese $8.75,


  Veggie $10 

  Chicken $11.50


Carribbean Roti - homemade by Sylvia

  Veggie $11.75,  

  Chicken $13.75

  Mahi mahi $15.25


Penne Pasta in a creamy white wine sauce.

  Shrimp $18.75, 

  Chicken $15.75, 

  Vegetable medley $13.75


Vegetable Caribbean Curry $13.75

  Served with rice ‘n peas 


Desserts - homemade and served with ice cream or whipped cream

  Key Lime Pie $8.50

  Banana Rum Flambe $7.50


We add a 15% gratuity to your restaurant bill  which is shared equally between all staff working today including the kitchen team.

You can change the size of the gratuity (up or down) at your discretion as it is voluntary and should reflect the service and food that your receive. Thank you.

jeremy's famous

Awesome sandwich

In Jeremy's words the Awesome Sandwich is “a mixture of fresh organic vegetables, grilled cheese and either meat, fish, veg or lobster with a tangy sauce which gives it that different taste. Not hot but tangy Kuchela. We have the Kuchela handmade here in the BVI by a lady from Trinidad. The bread is the real key – a seven grain uncut giant loaf made exclusively for us by La Baguette. We hand slice the loaf to give you a beautiful hunk of toasted bread on both sides.” 

Jeremy's creation means that we have to pay an eye watering sum for the bread!

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